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Friday, February 3, 2012


It's been a busy time for me this last month of January now it's already February. I started school right off the bat at the beginning of the year and work hasn't given me a break yet. But,  I've been able to take a few quick pictures of my outfits this last month so I hope you enjoy them. It's been kind of chilly but extremely sunny. The benefits of living in California of course.  B)  Hence, time for a photo diary of January.

With my BFF Princess Stella Bear --- This was actually today and I was feeling flirty and aching for spring. 
These are the booties in the first outfit. :) Great Find I must say! $20 Steal at Marshall's for Steve Madden.
Went out with a friend to a local western inspired bar with country music and line dancing. I was going for a Miley look but my friend insisted I was more leaning towards a Rihanna look. :) You can't see the torn sheer tights and Dolce Vita Combat boots.  
Daily arm swag with Michael Kors and vintage silver bracelets.
Disregard my face here... haha. This was difficult to do while balancing on that small pipe with 30-50mph winds.  Mission Peak, Fremont
Here is Princess Stella trekking up! She made the whole 5.6 mile hike! 8lb dogs are strong too.
And then this weather hit... Oh California, make up your mind on winter so my closet could make more sense.
Last few outfits of the month. Not the best quality but I loved the looks. :) Got this Target navy floral blouse for $10. I love my Miu Miu Glitter Clogs and wear them every chance I get. Also stole my boy friends white button up for a few looks this last month.
I got this hat for $1.50. I love H&M.
I got to dress a few mannequins at work and I decided to go for bright spring looks. I'm sort of jealous of the mannequins---they get to wear great stuff.
And lastly, my constant stuggle; Fashion or Food? I'm a die hard for both.